of the Eastern Apostolic Church

Over 800 years ago, our Blessed Lord spoke to a humble man, named Francis, from a cross in the Church of St. Damian in Assisi, Italy. Francis was asked, “Rebuild my church”. This was not a building he was to construct, but a community of believers in the Catholic faith who would take gospel values seriously. Francis accepted the challenge wholeheartedly. Soon after he organized the Order of Friars Minor, a monastic Order with three branches, which continues to this day all over the world.

We offer this Order to anyone being called in three forms: the First Order for monastic men; the Second Order for monastic women; and the Third Order for men and women living outside monastery boundaries who wish to follow St. Francis’ rule while going about their day to day lives. 

If you would like to know more about our Franciscan Order, please contact us.

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