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Societas Contemplativa sanctae therasiae, Traditio Carmelita
Contemplative Society of Saint Teresa, Carmelite Tradition

The Contemplative Society of St. Teresa (of Avila), Carmelite Tradition,  is a religious brother- and sisterhood, founded by the need for prayer and healing in a troubled world. We embrace a deep contemplative realization while leading ordinary lives or being engaged in active apostolates within our respective dioceses or churches.

The Contemplative Society of St. Teresa consists of First and Second Order monastics as well as Tertiars (Oblates).

We strive to immerse ourselves in prayer, devotion, meditation and scriptural reading (lectio divina). We desire to bear a mindful interior which aids our daily prayer life, as well as helps us to bring the light of God's love into a wounded world.

The Contemplative Society of St. Teresa was founded by (Rt. Rev.) Michael Melchizedek. It is ecumenical and open to anyone.

Discerning that it is God who has chosen us to join the Society, we have both faith and confidence to bear witness to our calling on this earth.


As contemplatives we spend a significant part of each day in prayerful practice. This spiritual grounding prepares us to become a channel in activating the healing power and love of God in this world.

The postnomial of the Society is SCST (for: Societas Contemplativa Sanctae Therasiae), which members may place behind their name.

The Carmelite motto is: Zelo zelatus sum pro Domino Deo exercituum (with zeal have I been zealous for the Lord God of hosts)

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